Inkanto - Armor's Branded Ribbon

Inkanto is a new product identity and a complete new line of services that will be applied to the current unbranded ARMOR range of ribbons.

inkanto looks different…

ARMOR's usual unbranded ribbons will now bear the inkanto name and will have a dynamic easy to recognise visual identity.

But the fundamentals will not change…

inkanto is offering the exact same products: same grade names (AWR8, APR6, AXR7+, etc.), made with the same care and quality standards at the same ARMOR factories.

And ARMOR retains its business values…

Same professional ethics, unchanged sales strategy and identical operational approach.

Inkanto brings high value services

inkanto is not just a new identity for ARMOR unbranded ribbons: the inkanto Thermal Transfer ribbon offering comes with an unparalleled range of new services relying on 4 corner stones:


Quality is part of inkanto’s DNA: each inkanto ribbon is delivered with an online Certificate of Conformity and a Technical Contact form. It provides all necessary product information to all involved in the value chain from ARMOR partners to end-users.


inkanto ribbons are backed by a Lifetime Warranty giving more confidence in using this brand of Thermal Transfer ribbons.


inkanto ribbons are easy to identify: a dedicated leader per product family, branded box and cardboard core and a very readable label. Packaging rules are more rational & simple, with smaller quantities per box offering a greater flexibility. Several datasheets with messages tailored to all possible levels of technical expectations.


A cleaning-wipe is delivered in each box of inkanto ribbons to maximize the durability of the users print-head.