Which Ribbon do I use for my labels?

Which Ribbon will work best for me?

WAX - AWR 470  Mostly used  for printing on Paper / Tag Stock – Uncoated or Coated.  AWR 470 is world’s only SOLVENT FREE ribbon.  A general purpose ribbon for all kinds of paper, and uncoated in particular.  Excellent printhead protection.

ECONOMY WAX - AWR 8.  Most commonly used when printing onto Uncoated and Coated Paper / Tag stock.  AWR8 is a general purpose ribbon used for label printing where volume requires a competitive ribbon.  Excellent print quality on picket barcodes and text

WAX RESIN - APR 6.   Ideal for printing on Semi-Gloss Paper / Tag /Ticket  Stock and Synthetics.  APR 6 gives good level of smudge, scratch and heat resistance. Excellent printing quality for all types of barcodes, very small text, large characters and logos.

RESIN - AXR 7+.  Recommended for printing on Synthetic's (polyester, polypropylene, vinyl’s etc.).  AXR 7+ gives excellent print quality and durability for labels that require resistance against extreme temperatures and against certain solvents.

RESIN - AXR 1.  Gives everything you'd expect from a resin - crisp clear image, great resistance and very competitive when it comes to price.   Most commonly used when printing onto Coated Paper / Tag stock and most synthetics - poly's, vinyl etc..

TEXTILE RESIN - AXR 9 Engineered for printing onto textile materials – e.g. nylon, polyester and acetates.  AXR 9 has excellent resistance to washing, ironing and dry-cleaning. Ribbon gives a quality print for small barcodes and text.

PREMIUM RESIN -  AXR 8. For printing onto Synthetics (polyester, polypropylene etc.), AXR 8 is recommended when excellent resistance to solvents and to high temperatures is required.  With superb resistance to smudge and scratch, AXR 8 also gives exceptional print quality. 

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